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लद्दाख पैंगोंग त्सो में भारत की पहली फ्रोजन-लेक मैराथन की मेजबानी करेगा

Ishar Ahmad

According to the information, this marathon was organized for the first time on February 20, at an altitude of about 13,862 feet. The 21 kilometer marathon started from Lukung and ended at Maan village. According to officials, the 21 km marathon is the first of its kind in India to be held at an altitude of 13,862 feet. He informed that this marathon was organized under the joint supervision of Indian Army, State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP).

भारतीय षड्दर्शन

Srijan Mahant

Darshanshastra or Philosophy is the backbone of the eternal Indian tradition and this philosophy is also the root of modern science. Shaddarshan (six visions) is more famous and ancient in Vedic philosophies. These are known as Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimansa, and Vedanta.

आत्महत्या का मुख्य कारण आत्म अवसाद या बाह्य परिस्थितियाँ

Rishabh Pandey

Suicide is often committed out of despair, which is attributed to mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

बौद्ध धर्म का उत्‍थान एवं बौद्ध धर्म की देन / योगदान

Indian history
Sukhveer Singh

Rise of Buddhism:- Buddhism was popular in North India from the time of Mahatma Buddha. Mahatma Buddha and contemporary social, economic and political factors were mainly responsible behind its success.

Importance of Reasoning in our Life

Human Development
Dheeraj Yadav

Human aptitudes like empathy and understanding are enhanced by reasoning. They foster creativity by assisting kids in identifying connections and taking a comprehensive approach to solving issues.

Dashrath Manjhi: The Mountain Man

Ajit Kumar

A legend who demonstrated that nothing is insurmountable is Dashrath Manjhi, often known as the "Mountain Man." His example demonstrates that a weak person with little influence and few resources may overcome a powerful mountain.

संविधान – एक जीवंत दस्तावेज

Indian Polity
M.M Alam

The constitution was changed 4 times in the Soviet Union. A new constitution was adopted from 1993. In France, the constitution was changed 5 times in 200 years. In 1958, the 5th Republic was established with a new constitution. Thus we can say that we inherited a strong constitution. Our constitution makers were very visionary. He had solved many future questions at the same time.

दुनिया का सबसे बेहतरीन इन्वेस्टमेंट

Ganeshram Aditya

हेलो दोस्तों मैं आप लोगों की तरह एक आम आदमी, एक आम शहरी | हर व्यक्ति की समाज में अपनी एक भूमिका होती है | हम भी अनेक भूमिका का निर्वहन करते है | मैं पेशे से एक शिक्षक हूँ | पढ़ना, पढ़ाना मेरा काम है , मैं एक पिता भी हूं ,एक पति भी हूं ,एक पुत्र भी हूं | इन सभी सामाजिक पदों से सम्बंधित भूमिका का निर्वहन हर आम आदमी करता है | सुबह उठकर ऑफिस जाना एवं दिनभर ऑफिस में दिए गए काम को करना , उस काम को करने के लिए हमारे साथ हमारे कई सहयोगी मित्र हैं , अलग-अलग विभाग के मित्र भी है , सब मिलकर हम अपने काम को अंजाम देते हैं |

अनुच्छेद 356 क्या है?

Indian Polity
Dhirendra Pratap Singh

The basis for Article 356 can be found in the Government of India Act of 1935. When the state government is suspended under Article 356 (also known as President's rule), the governor serves as the state's chief executive as the representative of the federal government. In 1954, Article 356 was first put to use.

'राज्‍यपाल की शक्तियां एवं उनसे जुड़े विवाद'

Indian Polity
Trisha Singh

राज्‍यपाल यानी किसी भी "राज्‍य का संवैधानिक मुखिया", जिस प्रकार केंद्र में राष्‍ट्रपति की भूमिका होती है, ठीक उसी प्रकार से केंद्र में राष्‍ट्रपति की भूमिका होती है, ठीक उसी प्रकार राज्‍य में राज्‍यपाल की।

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